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The larvae of these flies feed on the insides of living caterpillars and other insect larvae.

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Keywords:Parasitic Flies, Tachinid, Tachinidae

Parasitic Fly - Mintho rufiventris, Garden, July 2022Tachinid Fly - Tachina fera, Monkwood, July 2020Tachinid Fly - Phasia hemiptera, Chaddesley Wood, July 2020Tachinid Fly - Tachina fera, Chaddesley Wood, June 2020Parasitic Fly (Tachina fera), Monk Wood, August 2013Tachinid Fly ( Eriothrix rufomaculata), Bromsgrove, 20 August 2012Parasitic Fly, Hanbury, 01 August 2011Parasitic Fly, Hanbury, 01 August 2011