Dave Pountney (DP the Snapper)(non-registered)
Great site Stuart with some super images. I look forward to the time I can display such a wide variety of birds.
Love the Osprey shots. Dave and I arrived at Upton Warren about an hour after it left :(
PS Haven't updated my site lately either!
Alan Giles(non-registered)
Hi Stu, superb pics of latest birds well done

Mark Medcalf(non-registered)
Enjoyed looking at your barn owl shots. I see you have the 500mm ii, how do you find it? I have just got the 300mm ii.
Les 'Twitcher' Waring(non-registered)
Hi, nice talking to you today at Pittville/Chelt. I managed to get a few more snaps of the Great-Northern diver & a Common Pochard, that you dont usually see there! Love the photos on your site... very impressive!

Happy Birding!

Chris & Sue(non-registered)
An excellent site, your images really are excellent.
Mike Fuller(non-registered)
Hi Stuart
Very impressed with the Ospray photographs and you have used the flash very well, you must have been very pleased to get such a great set of photo's. I do occasionally visit Upton Warren and think it's a great reserve but I usually hope to see a Kingfisher if I am lucky.
I use the Sigma 500mm 4.5 and think it's good value for money and you have proved it can do the business if you know what you are doing.
Tony Morris(non-registered)
Hi Stuart,
nice site, impressive photos, good stuff,
What a great, user-friendly and high quality website. A gift to us budding photographers and nature lovers. Thank you.
Ron Jones.(non-registered)
Hi Stuart, just had a look at you'r latest images very impressive! Hope you are recovering well from the recent operation, look forward to seeing you soon, Regards Ron.
Hi Stuart,

Your pictures are lovely, particularly the feeding Bittern at UW.

It was nice to meet you last week and I am also very impressed with your insect photos.
Hope you can get back to birds again soon Stuart.
Take care.
Keep up the good work!
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