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Great photos Stuart
Needed to check cirl & corn bunting images......helpful as always!
See you at UW
Love the black vulture photos
John Freeman(non-registered)
Hi Stuart. I enjoyed looking at your site, you have taken marvellous photographs, very impressive. I enjoyed talking to you, Ron and Chris at Hawling, it was just after you left, the S.E.O showed so I did manage to take some shots with me back to Pembrokeshire.Bob guided me back to the M5 to make sure I was headed in the right direction. Lovely to have met you, hope to bump into you again very soon. :-)
Dave Pountney (DP the Snapper)(non-registered)
Great site Stuart with some super images. I look forward to the time I can display such a wide variety of birds.
Love the Osprey shots. Dave and I arrived at Upton Warren about an hour after it left :(
PS Haven't updated my site lately either!
Alan Giles(non-registered)
Hi Stu, superb pics of latest birds well done

Mark Medcalf(non-registered)
Enjoyed looking at your barn owl shots. I see you have the 500mm ii, how do you find it? I have just got the 300mm ii.
Les 'Twitcher' Waring(non-registered)
Hi, nice talking to you today at Pittville/Chelt. I managed to get a few more snaps of the Great-Northern diver & a Common Pochard, that you dont usually see there! Love the photos on your site... very impressive!

Happy Birding!

Chris & Sue(non-registered)
An excellent site, your images really are excellent.
Mike Fuller(non-registered)
Hi Stuart
Very impressed with the Ospray photographs and you have used the flash very well, you must have been very pleased to get such a great set of photo's. I do occasionally visit Upton Warren and think it's a great reserve but I usually hope to see a Kingfisher if I am lucky.
I use the Sigma 500mm 4.5 and think it's good value for money and you have proved it can do the business if you know what you are doing.
Tony Morris(non-registered)
Hi Stuart,
nice site, impressive photos, good stuff,
What a great, user-friendly and high quality website. A gift to us budding photographers and nature lovers. Thank you.
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